The North Pole Postman has been delivering ‘A Miracle and a Smile for Every Child’ since 2010.  Mark Perry founded this simple, but heart-felt mission by creating a safe place for kids and grown-ups to communicate with Santa Claus, and Father Christmas.

People from all over the world use the U.S. based website to send and receive messages from the North Pole. Perry created the character of ‘Post’ Mark, the North Pole Postman to facilitate this correspondence. ‘Post’ Mark is the elf who works in Santa’s mailroom.  ‘Post’ Mark helps Santa go through the thousands of letters he receives from boys and girls all over the world. He also makes sure each letter has an official North Pole stamp cancellation.*

Our company has grown over the past ten years with the publication of ‘Post’ Mark—Santa’s Misfit Postman . With the help of an illustrator, and graphic designer, we now have something special to offer with a story to support the character of ‘Post’ Mark.  The story brings the letters from Santa to life. Purchase this book here, or at most bookstores across the globe.

In 2011 we established a registered trademark with the United State patent office.  We have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau as a safe place to do business since 2012. ‘Post’ Mark has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and T.V./radio programs across the United States. This coverage helps us spread the message of delivering ‘A Miracle and a Smile for Every Child.’