Any information that you provide on this website is held strictly confidential.  Our Privacy Policy and Security states that we do not sell, share, or reproduce any personal contact information.  We also do not accept advertising from outside companies.

Your child’s safety and security, along with your own, is of utmost importance to us.  We have created this website as a safe and fun place for both kids and grown-ups to communicate with Santa Claus.  The Better Business Bureau goes through a rigorous background check before offering accreditation.  They have declared that is a safe place to do business.  Please click here to see our A+ rating, or post a review.

Kid’s Page–

The “Kid’spage was designed to be a safe and fun way for children to write a letter to the “real” Santa.  We only ask for the child’s first name.  There are no fields for a last name/surname, or street address.  The “real” Santa should already know where your child lives, right?  So, there would be no reason to ask that information from any child on his “postman’s” website.  You should always take extra precautions to teach your child not to give out this information on ANY website they are visiting.

Grown-up’s Page–

The “grown-upspage, carefully explains that this is where parents go to communicate with Santa, so “little eyes” won’t see Santa’s secrets.  From this page you can access our secure shopping cart.  Any information you provide is kept confidential. We do ask for some basic information about your child because it would be impossible for a letter to reach the child’s home otherwise.

I handle most of the letter writing personally, but I do hire a small staff of writers to help with overflow.  Also, as part of our Privacy Policy and Security, these staff writers are not given the child’s street address.  When the writer finishes the letter, it goes though editing, and then I personally address ALL the envelopes.  This is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your child.

Thank you for your patronage and support. I wish you and your children a safe and Merry Christmas.

Mark Perry

‘Post’ Mark

North Pole Postman